Queen Medical is a five star health service devoted to providing the public with the highest values of excellence, truth and reliability in a convenient wan luxurious setting. Queen Medical strives to make every patient feel at home with our friendly and experienced staff. At Queen Medical our superlative, highly qualified medical specialists are university staff with strong academic background, with certification formal around the globe will put you at ease amongst our state of the art equipment and make your stay a pleasant and memorable one.

At Queen Medical we provide you with the heist standards of care through the devices of efficient leadership and continued education and research programs.


Queen medical vision is to have a strong and empowered community who are aware of the importance of living a healthy life.


  • To provide every patient with a friendly comforting environment among our state of the art, five star facilities.
  • To advance patient welfare and well being by ensuring the best treatment and experience.
  • To offer experienced and knowledgeable staff members in sufficient numbers that is able to provide an appropriate level of care.
  • To make patients feel at home amongst our hospitable, multicultural and multilingual staff.
  • To implement medical lectures and medical conferences to increase the number and availability of international experts in the community.
  • To challenge and accelerate the internal and external exchanges of information and data.
  • To use our extensive laboratory resources to further conduct biomedical research.