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NPRP 6 – 724 – 3 – 183: Mast cell proteases as key clinical markers in allergic disease:

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University of Southampton (UK)


Anti-doping Laboratory (Qatar)


Queen Medical (Qatar)


  • Background information:

Allergic diseases; including asthma, eczema, rhinitis, food allergy, drug allergy, and insect bite reactions, are now common in Qatar. There can be substantial economic and social costs associated with suffering severe life-threatening allergic reactions, and particularly with attempts at avoidance. Measurement of high levels of the mast cell proteases  can help confirm a diagnosis. Moreover, even in asymptomatic subjects we have found baseline serum concentrations of these markers can be closely related to the risk of a severe reaction. We propose to develop efficient recombinant expression systems for these enzymes, and incorporate them into new, well-validated assays. Patients with different forms and categories of allergy are invited to take part. Saliva and urine (and small amount of blood if agreed) will be collected for careful evaluation of laboratory tests for confirming severe allergy, and for assessing future susceptibility to severe forms of this condition.