Dr. Bindhya Mariam

About Dr. Bindhya Mariam

• Examine patients, utilizes proficient knowledge of diagnostic aids to take, expose and interpret dental diagnostic x-rays.
• Care for each patient with personal attention while performing procedures
• Oral prophylaxis and patient education about oral hygiene and health
• Replaced missing teeth (Fixed and removable). Repaired, adjusted and polished dentures
• Administered Local Anesthetic, prescribed medications, incision and drainage of abscesses, removed teeth uneventfully and sutured keeping in mind about emergency situations
• Performed tooth bleaching, root canal therapy in single and multi rooted teeth, restored dental caries with various restorations.
• Child prophylaxis, sealants, delivered fluoride application, and stainless steel crown fabrication.
• Fashioned various removable functional appliances for orthodontic therapy.